About Us

The Company

The success of any company, or of a community, stems from the values that inspire it. Seriousness, competence, commitment, respect and responsibility are cornerstones for growth. Speaking for myself and my family, I would also add the spirit of sacrifice. Owners are expected to show even more responsibility, which is conveyed through their duty to put themselves at the service of the company. For this reason we never considered it an end but a way to fulfill our abilities and our ambitions.”

Extract of the speech given to the employees during Olimpia Splendid 60th anniversary celebration.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide comfort to our customers worldwide, where they live, work and play.

Our Mission

We design and manufacture our comfort products with a focus on being environmentally friendly, industry leading technologies, best in class efficiencies and providing innovative solutions with unique aesthetics.

Our Values

Innovation, Design, Sustainability and the value of our People are the four pillars on which our company for the past 60 years, has built its rich history consisting of continued growth and passion for success.

Our History

Founded in 1956 in Gualtieri, Italy as a family owned company, Olimpia Splendid was a leading manufacturer of wooden, gas and paraffin heating units. In the 1980s, we pioneered the development of our first air conditioning offering, while in the 1990s we were recognized as the second largest vendor of portable air conditioners in Italy. It is thanks to the intuition and the introduction of our first air conditioner without external unit, called MAESTRO, that the company has experienced significant growth and achievement of our goals from the year 2000 to present.

Global Presence

For over 60 years Olimpia Splendid has sold its Made in Italy products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

USA (Texas)
Sales Office

870 International Parkway
Suite 120
Flower Mound, TX 75022


Brazil (Itajaí)
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Spain (Madrid)
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France (Paris)
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Italy (Cellatica-BS)
Headquarters and Manufacturing Plant

Italy (Gualtieri-RE)
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China (Shanghai)
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New Zeland
Sales Office

Sales Office

The Olimpia Splendid Group’s headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Cellatica, Italy just outside of the city of Brescia, while in Gualtieri, in the province of Reggio Emilia, is where the company distribution center is located.

Since 2005, Olimpia Splendid was aware of the immense potential and opportunities on the global market for their products, and therefore initiated an internationalization strategy, which led to the Group’s considerable revenue growth.

In the same year, Olimpia Splendid opened two subsidiaries, a sales office in Madrid, Spain and an office in Shanghai, China, to handle the procurement and sales hub for the Asian markets.

In 2011, Olimpia Splendid foreseeing significant signs of growth in the renewable energy market in France, which aligned with the Group’s internationalization objectives, opened the new sales office in Paris, France.

In 2017, the decision was made to expand its global footprint by opening a sales office in Itajaí, Brazil to be able to offer the Olimpia Splendid Made in Italy products to the Latin American market while still maintaining its corporate focus on internationalization.

In 2019 in New York (US) and Melbourne (Australia)

Core Values

Innovation · Sustainability · People


Innovation for Olimpia Splendid is synonymous with offering unique engineering solutions using cutting-edge technology, and integrating them with the best in class refined design. We design our products adhering to the strictest product requirements; in fact every year Olimpia Splendid invests significantly in research and development, with the goal of developing one of a kind patents.

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Olimpia Splendid is a firm believer that Research & Development should always go hand in hand with the utmost respect of environment. We demonstrate this belief by designing our product offering, focused on industry best performance, while reducing the use of natural resources. In fact, Olimpia Splendid uses select recyclable raw materials, therefore minimizing the environmental impact, and most importantly, we thrive to heavily invest in renewable sources of energy.

Olimpia Splendid’s products and manufactutring processes impact of the environment is a key design concept that accompanies every phase of the product’s life cycle: from the product design phase, to selection of components and disposal of materials at end of product life.

During the product design phase, Olimpia Splendid selects industry leading technologies and components that provide maximum energy efficiency with minimum environmental impact.

Olimpia Splendid has a unique perspective when it comes to our products aesthetics, by partnering with well-known Italian designers and architecture firms with the goal of providing a unique look and feel to our product line, especially since the HVAC industry is not known for have “sexy” aesthetics. This selling propostion allows Olimpia Splendid to differentiate our product offering versus the competition and from the exterior to blend in with the building architecture, and from the interior offer products that are unobtrusive with minimal aesthetic impact. We strive to achieve sleek, clean, eye pleasing designs, for example with our UNICO® product offering of thru the wall air conditioners and heat pumps, which have saved numerous cities in Europe from the unattractive look of hundreds of thousands of units ruining historic building facades. We also have our Bi2® fan coil product offering has a unique design that blends in perfectly with interior architecture. Olimpia Splendid Made in Italy products have great curb appeal.


Our company has continued it successful growth over the year due primarily to our focus on developing industry leading technology, design and innovation, but the key to these initiatives lies solely with the fundamental value of people. We believe it is critical to invest in the right human resources that the whole Group believes in and trusts, so that the result is one of maximum efficiency and industry leading quality.