Air Conditioner & Heat Pump with No Outdoor Unit

The MAESTRO, the heating and cooling system has no outdoor unit! It can be installed from inside the room and has no impact on the aesthetics of buildings. Its unique “splitless” and “windowless” application makes it the ideal comfort solution, providing year round comfort and whisper quiet operation, with a one of a kind Made in Italy stylish design.

Maestro Pro Inverter 12 Heat Pump

The Maestro Pro is the only high efficiency air conditioner and heat pump with NO outdoor unit, with its innovative Pro Power technology, providing a cooling capacity up to 11,600 BTUH. Maestro Pro’s leading inverter compressor technology provides unparalleled comfort in heating and cooling as well as operating cost savings for both residential or commercial applications.



Ease of Installation

The Maestro installation can be done entirely from the inside of the room requiring only two (8”) wall penetrations made with a core drill on the outside wall, and there are only two louvred grilles covering the holes with no architectural impact.

Simple Comfort Control

Maestro can be operated either with the handheld remote controller, or with the Maestro App from a smart phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (requires Wi-Fi Kit.) Maestro Pro models also have an onboard touch screen display.



Option to control with Maestro App from a smart phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

4573_n_Pro Power


The use of inverter technology provides a capacity boost of up to 11,600 BTU/h

4318_n__Silent Mode_1


Maximum acoustical comfort down to 32 dBA in a beautiful Italian designed cabinet

4319_n_Designed in Italy_1


Designed in Italy by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez Studio


Rated Capacity for both Cooling and Heating: BTU/H 8,150(1)

Maximum Capacity for both Cooling and Heating: BTU/H 11,600(2)

Rated Power Consumption in cooling mode: 830 watts

Rated Power Consumption in heating mode: 850 watts

Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio: Cooling CEER 9.7

Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio: Heating CEER 9.3

Comfort Model: Heat Pump

Refrigerant: R410A

Installation Versatility: Top or bottom wall

Easy installation: Maestro Pro can be installed from inside the space in just a few minutes

Rotating Flap: Provides total air diffusion for consistent temperature throughout the space.

Backlight Display: On-board touch control

Multifunction remote (Standard)

Wireless Wall Mounted Thermostat (Optional)

24 hour Timer

Best in Class STC snd OITC

Modes: dehumidification, fan only, economy, auto, sleep, silent

Intake/Exhaust Hole Diameter(3): Inches 8″ each

Sound level(4): DBA min-max 32 – 43

(1) Test condition: Data refers to conditions and parameters as required by DOE requirements governing this product type.
HEATING MODE: Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 45°F/7°C WB 43°F/6°C; Indoor Ambient DB 68°F/20°C – WB 59°F/15°C
COOLING MODE: Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 95°F/35°C WB 75°F/24°C; Indoor Ambient DB 81°F/27°C – WB 66°F/19°C
(2) Maximum capacity achieved with Power Pro Boost inverter technology
(3) To achieve full capacity and efficiency 8” diameter pipes are recommended. Alternately, 6” diameter pipes can be used however there is a corresponding loss to capacity and efficiency which can vary based on the specific application.
(4) Test conditions for sound ratings are conducted as per DOA rating conditions, conducted in a sound chamber performed at a distance of 3.3 feet (1 meter). Minimum sound pressure values are rated in ventilation mode only.