Air Conditioners

Thanks to the inverter technology and the new gas R-32, our fixed air conditioners cool in summer and heat in winter with heat pump operation, environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Now with WiFi and remote control option.


Our Nexya line of multi-split air conditioning systems provide quiet, efficient cooling and heating for both residential and commercial applications.



Energy Efficient

Reduce energy costs with a high-effeciency air conditioning system. Nexya systems use R410A refrigerant, which reduces the greenhouse effect by almost 70%.

Inverter Compressor Technology

Permits the unit to vary from 40% to 115% of rated performance, providing occupants with unparalleled temperature and humidity control of their indoor environment.

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Simple Installation

Choose from a variety of sizes, 9,000-36,000.


Remote Included

Use the provided remote to easily adjust temperatures to fit your comfort level.

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Year-Round Comfort

Our reverse cycle heat pumps offer both heating and cooling to provide occupants with year-round comfort.


(1) Test conditions: Data refers to conditions and parameters as required by DOE requirements governing this product type.
COOLING Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 95°F/35°C -WB 75°F/24°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 81°F/27°C -WB 66°F/19°C
HEATING Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 45°F/7°C -WB 43°F/6°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 68°F/20°C -WB 59°F/15°C
(2) The sound pressure level is measured at a distance of 3.3feet (1 m) from the front of the unit with a microphone.