Dolceclima Air Pro 14 Heat Pump

The hi-tech portable air conditioner with sleek look and feel designed in Italy, conditions spaces up to 500 sq.ft. The most efficient of Olimpia Splendid’s product offering, in every season. With a motorized flap that adjusts the air flow for optimal indoor comfort.




Quick and Easy Installation

Our units come with a window mounting kit and a flexible tube to allow for ease of installation anywhere you live, work and play.

Ultimate Comfort Control

Thanks to the advanced touch screen display, controlling your comfort only takes one simple touch of a button on the unit display or on the handheld remote controller.

4223_n_Pro Power_Up to


Cooling Capacity up to 14,000 BTUH

4226_n_Pompa di calore


Replace or support your heating system (a condensate drain piping is mandatory)

4319_n_Designed in Italy_1


The most advanced technology is accompanied by the design Made in Italy


Applications up to: 500 sq ft

Cooling capacity: 14,000 BTUH(1)

Heating capacity: 11,000 BTUH(1)

Sound power: dBA 64(2)

EER: 9.9

COP: 2.76

Refrigerant: R410-A

Multifunction Remote: Wireless control

Functions: Fan Mode, Dehumidification mode, Heating Mode, Auto Mode, Turbo mode, Sleep mode

Display: LED

Timer: 24h

Motorized Flap

Convenient side handles

Casters for effortless moving between spaces

(1)Test conditions:Data refers to conditions and parameters as required by DOE requirements governing this product type.
COOLING Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 95°F/35°C – WB 75°F/24°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 81°F/27°C – WB 66°F/19°C
HEATING Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 45°F/7°C – WB 43°F/6°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 68°F/20°C – WB 59°F/15°C

(2) The sound pressure level has been measured into half-anechoic room at 3.3 feet (1m) with respect to the front of the unit with a microphone at 3.3 feet (1m) in height.