Dolceclima Fresco 12 Air Conditioners WIFI

Offers capacity up to 12,000 BTU/h, humidity removal in dehumidification mode, with maximum acoustical comfort (down to 65 dBA.) The Dolceclima Fresco Series fits anywhere because it is only 28.2“ tall and 17.3” wide, and it can condition a space up to 400 sq. ft. Fresco models are “Wi-Fi Ready” to be controlled via smart device.




Quick and Easy Installation

Our units come with a window mounting kit and a flexible tube to allow for ease of installation anywhere you live, work and play.

Ultimate Comfort Control

Thanks to the advanced touch screen display, controlling your comfort only takes one simple touch of a button on the unit display or on the handheld remote controller.

4218_n_Pro Power_Up to 2.9 kW


Cooling Capacity up to 14,000 BTUH

4226_n_Pompa di calore


Can cool spaces up to 550 sq. ft.

4319_n_Designed in Italy_1


The most advanced technology is accompanied by the design Made in Italy


Cooling capacity(1): 12,000 BTU/H

Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.6 EER

Sound power(2): 65 dBA

Application (up to): 400 sq. ft.

Nominal Capacity: 8,000 BTU/H

(1) Test conditions: Data refers to conditions and parameters as required by DOE requirements governing this product type.
COOLING Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 95°F/35°C -WB 75°F/24°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 81°F/27°C -WB 66°F/19°C
HEATING Outdoor Ambient Temperature DB 45°F/7°C -WB 43°F/6°C. Indoor Ambient Temperature DB 68°F/20°C -WB 59°F/15°C
(2) The sound pressure level is measured at a distance of 3.3feet (1 m) from the front of the unit with a microphone.